Most Recent Pages and Updates

1/4/18 – Spherical Bearings in the Suspension

4/7/17 – Rear Wing Updated Hardware

3/26/17 – Track Days 2017

10/1/16:  Axle Boots

9/9/16:  Windshield For the Track

9/9/16:   Parts breakage, rear end

7/31/16:    Engine Oil   Synthetic vs. Dino

7/31/16:   Oil Viscosity

7/6/16 –    Rear Fenders

7/1-3/16 –   Track Days  With Video!

5/28-30/16 –   High Plains Raceway, 3 great days in Byers, CO.

4/16/16 – Pueblo Motorsports Park

3/26/16 –  Suspension Set Up  after some track time.  At the bottom of the page.

3/22/16 – Second track day  Pike Peak International Raceway

3/15/16 – First Track Day   Pikes Peak International Raceway

2/29/16 – Suspension Set Up  alignment, corner weights.

2/22/16 – Rear Wing Installation

2/22/16 – Rear Subframe Bracing

2/17/16 – Engine Information    update, with dyno sheet

2/6/16 – LS1 Alternator Wiring   at the bottom of the page

1/31/16 – Upper A-Arm – modified for Afco shocks

1/28/16 –  Driving in Colorado – Beware!

1/7/16 –   Coolant Overflow Bottle

1/7/16 –   Air Filter


I built most of the pages on this site around Christmas, 2015. I’v been working on the car for about a year or so, and taking pictures along the way

I still have a little bit to do before it’s track ready. And then a little bit more before I can get a license plate. So I’ll keep taking pictures along the way.

I think it would be difficult for the average reader to look at the site and see what’s new. There’s probably a way to make it obvious, but I’m not smart enough to make that happen automatically.