Time for a windshield.  At triple digit speeds, the wind gets underneath my helmet and lifts it.   At about 120mph or so, the helmet starts to vibrate.  I couldn’t see the braking zone very well, and kept braking too early.  Time to fix that.

It needs to be simple, light weight, use off the shelf parts, and easy to repair.  This is NOT a street legal windshield.  In Colorado, the windshield must be DoT glass.   I’ll work on that later.


I started with these clamps.  These are from McMaster and Carr, and are called shaft collars.   I like the ones with wrench flats, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter.    I also used aluminum because, well,  Racecar!

A lot of people use windshield mounts from an ATV.  And for a street car, they’re probably fine.  But I like to overbuild stuff, and make it stronger than it really needs to be.


For the frame, I used simple aluminum flat and angle.   The windshield is 1/4″ coated MR-10.   Shatterproof and durable.   All available from McMaster-Carr.



Initially, the windshield was 12″ tall.   But that put the top edge right on my sightline.  So I cut it back to 8″.  Perfect.  I can easily look over the top edge.

img_0022How does it work?  Perfectly!     Now I can easily see the braking zone, and it doesn’t bounce my head around nearly as much.    It’s a huge improvement.   Total cost, <$100