Electrical Overview

We’ll keep this to a minimum.   The wiring is the same as any other project car.   You have to use a little imagination here and there, but not a big deal.

Not one of my favorite parts of car building, but certainly necessary.    After some deliberation, I decided to ditch the stock GM LS1 computer, and use a Megasquirt MS3+.    I’ll talk more about this later.  But running the wires and building the harness was a real pain.

Added some wiring and electrical bits.

Take your time here.  Work slowly, and document carefully.

I prefer to solder and shrink wrap all connections.  I don’t like crimp connectors that much.   I do use them for things like ring connectors.  But then I solder and shrink wrap those also.   In 10 years of racing, I’v never had an electrical system failure.

Some people will argue against this, and tell you that solder will increase resistance.  True, but only in circuits measured in microvolts.  Take a look at any wiring harness done by a professional race team.  They solder and shrink wrap every connection.  It’s a skill that needs to be learned, just like welding.  Once learned, it’s a very valuable skill.

But, that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  🙂

I  use Weatherpack connectors.  they’re readily available, and relatively inexpensive.  They can also handle a lot of power.   Deutsch connectors are more elegant, but also more expensive.  They can handle the same power levels.

Put connectors where it will make your life easier.   Ideally, you want to pull a few connectors, and then drop the engine out the bottom of the car.   You don’t want to be wasting time unplugging every single connection; there are a lot of them on an LS1.