Power Steering

I know, this car really doesn’t need power steering – it only weighs 1800 pounds or so.  Same thing with a Cobra.  Power steering adds weight, complexity, cost, and additional failure points.

But on a short track like Pikes Peak  International Raceway, you make more than 1500 turns in one week end.   Because of some military injuries, I was just about crippled by the end of a race week end.  After adding P/S to the Cobra, things got a lot easier.

So, based on past experience, this car will also get power steering.

I decided to use the stock LS1 pump and reservoir, coupled to a stock Miata power rack.   That seemed like a good idea.   And it has worked out pretty well so far.  Another option would be to use the Miata pump and reservoir.   You could fabricate a bracket to mount the pump where the LS1 A/C compressor used to be.  You’ll still need custom hoses, though.

I managed to find some Delrin rack bushings for the left side.  But used stock rubber on the right.  At some point, I might make a Delrin bushing for that, too.

Speaking of hoses, that took some doing.  The large return hose is low pressure, so that easy.  A rubber hose with simple clamps.   The fluid needs a big cooler, so I plumbed that into the low pressure side.  More about that in the “Cooling” section.

The rest of the hoses are a combination of stock Miata and custom made SS braided.   This was a time consuming and frustrating process.   It was all trial and error trying to figure out what would fit and what wouldn’t.

Be very carefull when removing the left and right turn lines.  There’s a small seat inside there that can fall out.  If you lose it, you’ll have to find one from another rack.   The dealer and parts stores have no idea what you’re talking about.

The SS components I got from Mark Reynolds at Breeze Automotive, www.BreezeAutomotive.com   I’v purchased a lot of stuff from Mark over the years.  great guy to work with, and he has invented some nice stuff for Cobra’s.

This stock line didn't fit around the oil pan. Replaced with SS braided
This stock line didn’t fit around the oil pan. Replaced with SS braided
This looks kinked, but it isn't. It is a tight fit, though.
This looks kinked, but it isn’t. It is a tight fit, though.
High pressure port.
High pressure port.

The rest of the lines are stock Miata parts.   I’ve taken a couple of short drives here in front of my house.  Maybe 50 yards total.  The steering feels really good.

Getting the column in was another story in itself.  Lots of trial and error.   Remember that the steering column will expand a little bit.   But it will eventually fit right.