There are a number of good resources on the web to help you through this process.   The beauty of the internet is that it’s always on, and reams of information are readily available at any time of the day or night.   Do a search before asking a question.  Some one else may have already asked the same question.   You might find a few pages of answers, complete with pictures and diagrams.

The Exocet is a fairly new car in the US.  Unlike a Cobra kit, you won’t find dozens of web sites and forums available.   but there are still some good resources available to you.


This site!  🙂  Racing the Exocet

Facebook:  There is a Exocet owners page.  lots of good and recent stuff there.  Tough to find old stuff, though. : People have been stuffing V8’s into Miatas for decades.

Flyin’ Miata : These people practically invented the V8 Miata.  They’re a dealer for Exocet, and have developed some Exocet specific parts.  They are very helpful with advice by phone or e-mail.



Flyin’ Miata :  Obviously.

Summit Racing :  I buy a lot of stuff from here.  They should be sending me Christmas cards.  Their site is easiest to search and navigate.  And customer service is the best.

Jegs Racing :  Another good parts source.  Site is not as easy to navigate, nor as informative, as Summit Racing is.  But still a good selection with low prices.

Breeze Automotive : Mostly Cobra specific parts.  But still has some excellent stuff, and great prices.  Mark Reynolds is great to work with.

Fortes Parts : Mike Forte is one of the best there is.   He can get you just about anything you want.  His machine shop can build you anything you want, too.  He built my first Dart race motor.   If you have a problem, even with something he did not sell you, he will spend an hour on the phone helping you work it through.

McMaster-Carr :  Lots of cool fasteners and hardware stuff.   Tools are kinda expensive.

Speedy Metals :  tubing and stuff